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We know it can be confusing to navigate the unregulated energy market. Below are some questions to help you understand why an energy broker is the best solution for your business related energy needs.

The answer is simple… we save you time AND money! When a business contacts the supplier directly, they are directed to an internal sales team and quoted a retail electricity price. 

A broker has direct relationships with many suppliers and is quoted a wholesale electricity price. Although there is a mark-up, a broker’s rate is usually significantly less than the internal mark-up that the supplier must pay for their in-house sales force. When an energy broker requests pricing on behalf of a customer, the supplier knows that we are getting rates from multiple suppliers, so it forces competition. 

Our customers have outsourced their energy procurement to us so that we can leverage our industry expertise and our strong relationships with the top suppliers in the market to negotiate the lowest rate and best plan available for their business. We also time their renewal when the market is at it’s most advantageous for the customer to maximize their savings.

We are paid by the retail energy provider that our customers choose, so Pratt Power Partners will never send you a bill for our services. 

We don’t get paid unless we can find you savings that you are satisfied with, so we are motivated to negotiate the most competitive rate possible with the best plan to fit your unique business needs.

Pratt Power Partners work with businesses of all types and all sizes, and in all industries, including:

  • Small Businesses
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Industrial Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Non-Profits

The only contract you will have to sign is with the energy supplier that you choose.

Many brokers require their customers to sign contracts requiring them to exclusively use their services for an extended period of time. We believe that the cost savings we negotiate for our customers, our commitment to providing excellent customer service and our desire to build long term relationships with each customer we work will continue to build our loyal customer base.

No. The LOA is an industry standard form that lets us obtain your recent electricity usage history. We use the information to obtain quotes for you based on the amount of energy that you used over the last 12 months.

Switching changes the retail energy provider who bills you for your energy usage starting on the date you switch. Your energy will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local utility company.

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